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Foam concrete blocks plant

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The non-autoclave foamed concrete units are much in demand, that is why producers are focused on designing modern automated mini-mills and developing efficiency of existent equipment for foamed concrete production. Production of high quality competitive products in accordance with customers’ demands and constructing standards make producers to develop technologies and equipment, and to increase automation of all technological processes of production.

Following modern market demands «Siberian Constructing Technologies» LLC designs and completes automated foamed concrete mills. Main conception of these technological lines is quality management at all stages of production process: from the project stage where stability of products characteristics depends on chosen technologies and component analysis to the final stage of production. 


Sections of foamed concrete mill:

· Section of receiving, utilization and storage of raw materials;

· Mixing section;

· Forming section;

· Thermal treatment section;

· Sawing section;

· Produced goods' storage section.

Automation of technological processes in non-autoclave foamed concrete production enables to decrease prime cost of products as well as to increase stability of products’ characteristics due to minimization of human factor especially in the process of proportioning of raw materials.



Advantages of the automated line:

Automation of processes of technological operations. In production lines, electronic control systems used feeding and dosing of raw materials to the mixing area. The work of the mixing section is managed by one operator. The work of the cutting section is managed also by one operator.

Stability of batching. Starting materials go to a weigh-batcher which has strain indicators and a weight controller. This ensures precise weighting.

High quality of mixing. Mixing mechanism consists of two screws adjusted in opposite directions. This allows foam and mortar to be mixed thoroughly.

High level of capacity is reached by automated feeding and batching of raw materials as well as by the particular characteristic of cutting complex – a frame has two cutting heads for vertical and horizontal cutting of foam concrete. One pass ensures two cuts in different planes. 

Quality of produced goods. Using our equipment customers get products which have been certified. Welcome to discover and to try our products, its’ advantages and disadvantages.



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Foam concrete blocks plant

Foam concrete blocks plant

Foam concrete blocks plant

Foam concrete blocks plant

Foam concrete blocks plant

Foam concrete blocks plant

Foam concrete blocks plant